The "NZ" Story: A Unique Heritage and History


New Mexico and Arizona Land Company traced its beginning to the period of 19th Century transcontinental railroad building. In 1866, Congress chartered the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad Company (the "A&P") to construct the first southern railroad route across the United States. It was to run from Springfield, Missouri to the Pacific Coast. The federal charter provided for land grants to be carved out of the public domain lands for the the successful railroad builder. After a number of false starts, the A&P came to be purchased in bankruptcy proceedings by venture capitalists under the new-start name of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railway Company, commonly called the "Frisco."


Subsequently, a joint venture between the Frisco and the Atchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company (1880) used the old A&P charter to build a railroad line from Isleta, New Mexico to Needles, California. Thus, the joint venture earned millions of acres of federal grant lands in New Mexico and Arizona. A latter division

of assets between the two railroads left the Frisco with over 1.2 million acres of fee land (surface and mineral rights).


In 1908, the Frisco incorporated New Mexico and Arizona Land Company in what was then the Territory of Arizona to hold its grant lands until they could be sold. In 1916, the Frisco spun off just under half of its stock in New Mexico and Arizona Land Company and took the Company public on the old Curb Exchange, predecessor to the American Stock Exchange, where it was granted trading privileges under the ticker symbol and corporate acronym of "NZ."


Uranium was discovered on the grant lands in New Mexico in 1968. In the 1980's NZ turned its principal focus from rural to urban real estate investing and development. After a period of aggressive real estate investing, NZ expanded into bridge financing of real estate. New emphasis was placed on the liquidation of NZ's historic assets.


After a series of mergers and changes in controlling parties, Robert M. Worsley purchased the remaining rural assets in March 2002. The originally incorporated name of New Mexico and Arizona Land Company was retained and formed into a

limited liability company with 12 separate LLC's supporting each asset.


In July 2010, NZ and Hunt Oil from Dallas, Texas founded a JV called HNZ Holdings, LLC (HNZ) on 75,000 acres of fee land and 400,000 of the 1,000,000 acres mineral rights of NZ.


With an aggressive and forward-thinking approach to business, Mr. Worsley embraced the fee and mineral potentials with numerous projects, developments and investment opportunities.

NZ Legacy's vision for the future ranges from ranching and commercial real estate to the generation of clean, renewable energy.


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