Snowflake Power, LLC



In 2006, NZ Legacy, LLC begin construction on a 25MW electrical generation

biomass plant near Snowflake, Arizona.


The $85 million plant started commercial operation June 2008, to meet the

power obligations under its 20-year Power Purchase Agreements with Arizona

Public Services (APS) and Salt River Project (SRP).  The plant was built at the

Catalyst Paper Mill (formerly Abitibi) twelve miles west of Snowflake, AZ.  The

plant was sold to Snowflake Power, LLC on Oct. 31, 2010. NZ Legacy, LLC is

now a minority owner.


The plant was built with a new Babcock and Wilcox bubbling fluidized bed boiler built specifically to meet the fuel makeup at the plant.


Fuel for the biomass plant comes from two main sources. First, is woody waste material from the surrounding National Forests. The company harvests and provides fuel from green forest thinning activities, forest rehabilitation work on the burn area of the Rodeo-Chediski fire area and waste material from the region’s existing saw mills. Secondly, the Catalyst paper mill, produces 250 bone dry tons of waste recycled paper fibers each day which are currently sent to an adjoining

landfill. These paper fibers are now sent through an additional pressing facility to lower their moisture content and become additional fuel for the boiler.


Benefits of locating the biomass facility at Catalyst paper mill include:


69KV dedicated line to APS’s Cholla Power Plant, the preferred delivery point for SRP’s power. Without further upgrades the line can take at least 25 MW of additional electricity to Cholla. The transmission agreement is already in place.


APS has confirmed that the White Mountain communities of Showlow, Pinetop, Lakeside, Heber, Snowflake, etc. all use this feeder line and it is overloaded from Cholla to the White Mountain area. By placing a generating source at Catalyst, this bottleneck is relieved for about 5 years and APS is greatly benefited. It is conceivable that much more power could be generated and delivered from this site due to the growth in the local market.


Enough paper sludge to power a 6 MW power plant annually with no other feedstock on a go forward basis without touching the 720,000 tons in a landfill today. The landfill also serves as a place to dump ash from the biomass boilers.


Natural Gas is already available to the site for startup and if needed for drying feedstock, etc.


Land is available with plenty of space to work including a fire protected chip yard that was previously used for 35 years as the location to store chips.



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