The fossilized remains of pre-historic trees dot the landscape of the Milky ranch.


Historica, LLC: Petroglyphs and Pictographs


The Silver Creek area is decorated with petroglyphs and pictographs left behind from another era. One can see these symbols depicting life of people that long ago scrawled on rocks and cave walls.


This documented history has weathered through time to give us a glimpse of what used to be: a primitive language on a "message board", if you will.



HNZ's Milky Ranch: Petrified Forest Remains


Patents to the initial fee lands which were to form the Milky Ranch were granted by the General Land Office in 1908, the same year New Mexico and Arizona Land Company was incorporated in the Territory of Arizona.

The lands included the modern day Milky Ranch and also a checkerboard of sections across what is now the Petrified Forest National Park. An exchange with the Federal Government facilitated the creation of the current park early in the 1900's.



Historica, LLC: Records and Artifacts


NZ formed this company to preserve the valuable assets from the "old" New Mexico and Arizona Land Company:


- photos

- original documents

- artifacts

- petrified wood inventory (1 million pounds)

- misc. memorabilia



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