Solar Energy Potential For the State of Arizona

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Arizona's Solar Potential


The solar segment of the energy industry is experiencing double-digit growth, shortages in supply of infrastructure-related materials because of skyrocketing demand, and the possibility of eventual emergence as a major source of abundant, clean, renewable power within the Southwestern United States.


The state of Arizona is best positioned to capitalize upon the growth in solar energy generation and consumption because of the following reasons:


1. Arizona’s centralized location in the mid-west, close proximity to power-hungry California, and abundance of sunny days makes it an ideal location for the profitable generation of solar power.


2. ASU and the University of Arizona have traditionally been leaders in solar technology and will continue to drive leadership in the field.


3. Arizona boasts a long history as a center for solar energy technology development, forward-thinking organizations, and power generation.

NZ Legacy’s land holdings report some of the highest average insulation (a measurement of potential energy generated from one square mile of sunlight per day) in the United States, at over 7 kWh/m2/day (7 kilowatt hours per square mile per day).


The land holdings are also ideally suited for solar development because they consist of one large, flat track of 100,000 acres, that lies within close proximity (150 miles) to a major metropolitan area, receives very low rainfall, is not restricted by government or tribal ownership, and has open zoning laws. NZ Legacy also has an excellent relationship with local, county and state officials, who see solar energy as a means to the end of rural town renewal that includes higher-wage job creation, an increase in population, and a boost in local tax revenues.


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