Montgomery has identified well locations to the driller in the following map:


Water Rights


Water rights might be the greatest asset associated with this land for HNZ and NZ. The Coconino Water Aquifer holds over 250 Million acre feet of water. It is fed by the rain and snows that accumulate in the White Mountains of Arizona and New Mexico. The property is directly over the center of this aquifer. APS, SRP, TEP and other utilities have built power plants on this aquifer within eyesight to the east and west of HNZ and NZ lands. Abitibi, the largest paper producer in the Southwest is also located within 10 miles of some of this property. These large corporations conducted water studies in the 1960’s proving up this tremendous source of high quality water. They have subsequently greatly expanded their plants and TEP is in the process of expanding the Springerville plant by 50% over the next 3 years. APS currently pays $57,000 per year to NZ to water mine the Joseph City parcels. Short-term, these wells will be used for agricultural purposes but ultimately they will probably provide municipal potable water for a new metro area.


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